Escape Room

Escape room Hengelo

Untrapped has the most challenging escape room of Overijssel and Hengelo. Together with your friends, family and colleagues you will be physically locked up in the escape room. Our escape room has its own original story. The room is so realistic that you forget the world around you. As a team you are going into battle and fight against the ticking clock. As soon as you step into the escape room, the adventure begins immediately. Allow yourself to be taken in the tension, desperation and adrenaline. Solving riddles and secrets leads you to the key. Only

How long does an escape game take?

You get 60 minutes to escape from the room. Before you enter the escape room you will receive a briefing. The briefing lasts a maximum of 10 minutes. We tell you all do’s and don’t’s. The game can begin! Now it is up to you to solve the riddle and unlock the escape room.

Throne of Cleopatra – 3-8 people

Together with your team you go back in the time of pharaohs and pyramids. You end up in a tombe. It was once said that Cleopatra had found the Elixir of Eternal Life. However, it was never proven. Nowadays, secret hieroglyphs have been found and deciphered. It says that Cleopatra had the Elixir of Eternal life in her possession and hidden it in her tomb. But there are doubts… Is Cleopatra also in the tomb? Unravel the secret of Cleopatra. Only through teamwork, out-of-box thinking and communication you will be able to escape from the tomb. Hurry! You only have one hour to escape. Are you unable to escape the room within an hour? Then you will remain locked up!

Let the game begin!

 Let’s escape, eat & go bowling

Combine your escape game with a lunch or diner. Together with bowling centre Yip’s we put together a number of packages for you. Escape from the escape room, enjoy a dinner and finish the day at the bowling alley.